Friday, April 24, 2009

Lovely hat is GONE........... :(

We went to the book fair this afternoon, and when we were getting into the car,"where's the hat?" My boy's lovely navy blue hat!!! It's not in my bag!!! Oh no!!!!!!!!!

Where would it be? Fell when I was walking? Someone took it from my bag when I didn't know while walking? (cuz I just simply slide it on the side of the bag) Oh no....and I couldn't go back to the crowded hall to find's just impossible; too many people and too hot there.....

I felt like crying......I'd never had this upset and angry-for-myself-feeling for losing things.....the reason is, we can NEVER get this kind of hat in M'sia, I knew it....when I checked the website, they don't have the same design anymore, so, I really lost it FOREVER........

I really should have taken more pictures of my son wearing this pretty, cute and really soft hat.... :(

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