Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lost and found!

We were rushing for a one day trip to Melaka that morning, and I just slipped MZ's shoes inside his portable booster seat while we went down to the car park. Everything was put inside the car boot and I forgot to take his shoes out from the booster seat.......

When we reached there, I searched for his shoes's NOT inside the booster seat!!! where was it? Oh my god!!!! Must have had fell when we were walking towards the car park......couldn't find it inside the car boot either.... :(

2 days later, I'd decided to bring him to buy the same shoes again from the same place; while I was recersing my car, DING! The shoes was on the car park floor! It was nicely laid on the floor near to the car next to us! Phew......Looks like a good person had kindly put it there when he/she saw it! ha.....

So, instead of going out that afternoon, we were going back to the house with the lost-and-found shoes! :)

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